Introducing my signature program...

The GEMMA Method® - Orgasm & Hormones Edition, is my signature  online program for women and I am doing a special pre-launch promotion for all of my girlfriends. 


The GEMMA Method® is an in-depth guide to all things female orgasm. Balancing science and anecdote with theory and some really hot techniques, this program is designed to give you the knowledge and the skills to change your mind about sex and to impress your lover. 


There is nothing like it in the marketplace, a program that has the exact methods to blow your mind.


From the latest research on hormones, the science of orgasm, and brain activity during sex to advanced approaches to full-body pleasure, I’ve got you covered. I help you connect the dots between mind, body, and sex. 

How It Works...

The GEMMA Method® is broken into fourteen weeks. Each week, you’ll get a series of audio and video workshops with exercises to try, including guided practices and handouts.


You will receive my paperback & digital GEMMA Method Workbook®, my personal cookbook, and MP3 tracks of Guided Meditations that we will use throughout the program.


I know you’re busy, so I designed The GEMMA Method® to be as streamlined and efficient as possible. I’ve included only the most powerful exercises and information in each week’s content.


If you want more, you can find additional tips and strategies in the Bonus Material and the Orgasm Vaultmy top secret hideaway for bonus orgasm techniques.


Since The GEMMA Method® is fully online, it’s available for you to watch or listen to in your own home, on your own schedule, with complete privacy.


Week 1

Uncover Your Orgasm Blockages

Causes of Low Libido

How Diet and Lifestyle Effect Sex

How to Balance your Hormones for Better Sex

Week 4

Learn to Love Your Body

Get Acquainted with Your P*ssy 

Live for Love

Week 7

Nutrition to Support Your Hormones

    Lifestyle to Balance Your Hormones

Food and Supplements to Increase Your Libido

Week 10

Optimize Your Orgasmic Potential with Your Partner

How Orgasm with a Partner Works


The Truth About How Orgasm with a Partner Works

Week 13

How to Orgasm from Oral



Week 2

Getting to know your Orgasm

The Truth About How Your Orgasm Works

The ABC's of Your Orgasm

Week 5

Learn to Love Your Body


    Set the mood and get excited about being in your own company

    Prime your body for self-pleasure

Week 8

Feminine Energy

How to Turn Up the Heat


The “Ultimate” Self-Pleasure Technique

Week 11

Learn to Sync Up Your Sex Drives       

Mismatched Sex Drives in Couples

Planning & Scheduling Sex

Week 14

How to Orgasm from Intercourse


Get Stimulated


Pleasure Boosters 


Best Positions for Orgasmic Intercourse

Week 3

Move Past Mental Blockages

Unpack Your Sexual Baggage

Get Your Head in the Game



Week 6

Troubleshoot Your Orgasm

Get Your Mojo Back by Healing Your Testosterone



Week 9

Feel Sexier, Love Better

Cycle Syncing Your Sex Drive

Week 12

How to Orgasm from Touch

Treat Yourself to Touch



my 550 page

paperback workbook.

Join Now And You'll Receive This Bonus...

As part of your purchase, you’ll also get absolutely free access to the Orgasm Vault, which is chock-full of valuable orgasm- and sex-related tips, tricks, and resources beyond what’s covered in The GEMMA Method®.


The Orgasm Vault will help you learn valuable lessons, like:

  • How to feel totally confident in your own skin.

  • How to be more skillful at pleasuring your partner.

  • Where to find female-friendly, ethically-made porn and erotica.

  • The best sex toys. (Don’t waste $200 on a toy that you’ll only use once! I’ll let you know which ones are the best and share all my industry discounts.)

  • Introduction to BDSM eBook

  • Cookbook for Balancing Your Hormones

Total Value Of What You Get...

The total value of a program like this is $2999...

I should be charging: $1497...


But I want this program to be accessible for everyone. You can get

The GEMMA Method® Workbook & Online Program for only...


or two payments of $347

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

If you are anything like me, you scrolled down to the bottom of the page...
To find a clear line up of what you are getting for $597..


So here it is again - clear as day.


You will receive:


​Access to my Private Inner Circle Membership ( Value: $997 )
Paperback copy of The GEMMA Method
® Workbook ( Value: $97 )
Digital Version of The GEMMA Method
® Workbook ( Value: $47 )
My Personal Cookbook ( Value: $147 )
MP3 tracks of Guided Meditations ( $97 )
Access to my Private Inner Circle Facebook Group ( $497 )


And a ton of bonuses...

The program is completely private and timed to complete at your pace.

Total Value of what I have created? Well, according to my research I should be asking at least $1497


But that is not what I am charging at all because I am on an incredible mission to make the world a better place one orgasm at a time.



You will only be paying $597. 
​( or two payments of $347 )


One Time. 


Lifetime Access.


“I have had the opportunity to both teach and learn from Nicole. She arranged to host a workshop for me years ago when she started her journey. I was impressed with her professionalism and her ability to bring together her community. Since that time I have followed Nicole as a colleague and have learned so much from her. She has a way of sharing her real self and her breadth of knowledge to help couples connect with the most heart-centered approach to find solutions for themselves and their family.”

Laurel Wilson

TEDx and International Speaker

“I worked with Nicole and remain eternally grateful to her for her compassion, care, and deep knowledge. As a physician who has worked professionally with countless holistic professionals, she stands out in the crowd like no other. I refer to her all of the time and am thrilled to say that the patients I've sent to her have all had the same remarkable experience that I did.​”

Dr. Allison Fox

Holistic Physician, Client

“Nicole is a brilliant coach. She is engaged with her clients, and is committed to their goals. I am constantly impressed with her professionalism, and her commitment to deepening her knowledge of hormonal and sexual health. I learn from her writing regularly! She has a caring, client-centered approach, and gets results for her clients. She is committed to your healing and helping you get what you want, need, and deserve!" 

Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CNS, PT.

Integrative Women's Health Institute

“If you'd ask me, Nicole Buratti is one of the most knowledgeable & all round sex coaches & dating experts in the world. She has not only managed to build a huge coaching business, she is a published author and guest speaker on many podcasts & magazines such as Cosmopolitan. If you get a chance to get a hold of one of her courses, or enroll in one of her private programs: Grab it. You wont regret it.”

Elisabeth Botman

7-Figure Growth Strategist & Business Consultant 

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